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Fitness Equipments


Patients, whose mobility who has been compromised by injury or pain, are affected by muscle weakness and a general lack of fitness. We believe that exercise rehabilitation is the key to ensuring you not only get better, but stay better. It is therefore an essential part of your care, with our aim being to empower you with the right knowledge and skills so that you can manage your condition in the long term and decrease your chance of the same problem/injury recurring in the future.

Many patients having suffered an injury are fearful that exercising the painful area will make the pain worse. Unfortunately, in many cases this avoidance of exercise is the very reason why the injury has never full recovered in the first place. Our physiotherapists are injury and exercise experts are able to safely guide you through an exercise programme specifically designed to suit your particular injury needs.


Our exercise programmes consist of a variety of elements such as stretching, strengthening, pilates, postural re-training and cardio-vascular fitness. We use HUR pneumatic based strengthen equipment from Europe, which are the most advanced rehabilitation equipment available today.

Integrated into these machines are highly advanced computers, which keep track of your number of repetitions, resistance levels and help guide the user should they veer from their prescribed exercise programme. We have multiple units for each specific body area and are therefore able to tailor individual programmes for specific injuries and wellbeing.

Once you have been assessed by one of our physiotherapists, you have the opportunity to use the rehab gym independently during clinic hours. Only A1 Function clinics can use the gym, so you can be certain to have all the equipment and space readily available for your use. With our physiotherapists on-hand, you can get help and support if you need it.

Exercise rehabilitation is the core element of all conditions we treat. You may be an athlete looking to enhance your sporting performance or perhaps you are troubled with back pain and need to improve your overall physical condition. Whatever your circumstance, we'll provide you with a tailor-made programme, which is implemented at a rate compatible with your personal goals.

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